Smart Labels introduction

Labels could be known as tag, sticker, badges, icon or even a small banner that sticks with your product images on your website, it could make your product images or even your website look delighter.

Therefore, we did a research on customer behavior when visit a website and surprisingly our research has shown that the products images on website using highlight Labels have higher attraction and interaction than the products images that do not use Labels.

This research result has brought us an idea about an app that could make your website more attractive. That is the reason for the birth of Smart Labels App, one of our most important apps. Smart Labels App is the combination of our research to increase the revenue for customers business and the improvement in code platform to make everything in the app easier for you to use.

Key features of Smart Labels

❖ Various options to create one or many beautiful and meaningful labels on your products, such as:
    ● Upload your own design Labels and be able to choose any positions on product images with our app.
    ● Freely design a background colour with the text on it in any sizes and colours as you wish.
    ● Unlimited quantity and categories of attractive labels ready for you to discover.

❖ Easy to adjust position and dimension of Label.

❖ Insert text on label image according to your desired location.

❖ Apply Label for specific product or Apply for batch products in each collection.

❖ Apply Label according to product tags.

❖ Create Labels for products with specific conditions:
    ● New value – The label will display on products published within a certain period of time.
    ● Sale value – The label will display on products have certain discount percent.
    ● Stock available value – The label will display on products which stock level is under a certain amount.

❖ Preset the date that the labels show and disappear.