How much product badging can increase sales

You should have heard a great deal about product badging on ecommerce. Badging isn’t limited to ‘trust badges’, but also sales, out of stock, free shipping… They are like “virtual stickers” that are added to online products to call attention to special information about a product.

Product badging is clearly a common practice in online shop. Have you ever wondered how the badges affect sales and how much?

To delve in to this mystery, we start with the study of the giant ecommerce site – Amazon with Amazon badges. A study of Profitero covered over 37,000 products on Amazon found out that the to determine just what impact Amazon badges can have on product performance, specifically on traffic and conversion rates.

It is clear from the chart that

Amazon’s Choice and Best Seller badges have a huge influence on a product’s traffic and conversion.

Amazon’s Choice has a higher impact on conversion rate, a 25% increase on average, especially on those products with a high number of daily glance views (i.e., the number of views a product page receives).

Best Seller has a greater impact on traffic, increasing a product’s glance views by an average of 45%.

It’s Amazon, how product badging is helping ecommerce store everyday?

  1. Badging increases traffic

Badges show your customer where to look at, increasing the chance of them clicking on the products that you want. They will help you make full use of your website traffic, never let a customer go without  acknowledging your current promotions or your best selling. By highlighting products, you can even use badges to tap into powerful psychological triggers such as scarcity, social proof, and urgency to boost sales.

Badging improves conversion

When used on e-commerce websites, product badging has been proved to increase conversion rates by 55% (Brandwatch). If you haven’t thought about product badging for your website, there are many benefits to trying it out, the best of which is, of course, the increase in conversions.

Here are 3 additional reasons to use product badges:

  1. Make it easier for shoppers to find the products they are looking for.
  2. Help shoppers make quicker purchasing decisions.
  3. Efficiently and creatively educate your website visitors.

The great thing about using product badges or labels is you can start doing this right away which means minimal effort for maximum reward.  Add some product badges to your store and stop losing sales today!