8This is quick guide with 8 easy steps to start your first view with Smart Labels app just for 1 minute.

Step 1:

Create your new label by click  [Create new label] in Backend.

Step 2:

1. Choose Label name in Name section.

2. Select Use Sample Type in Label type section.

3. Click [Select Sample] button in Choose sample section.

Step 3:

There is variants Label designed you could choose.

After finish choosing, click [Use selected sample] button at bottom of box.

Step 4:

Select Position of your Label on image and you could adjust size of Label through Width and Height.

Step 5:

Click [Variants] of store product in Variants section.

Step 6:

Select all the products you want Label display on.

Step 7:

Click [Create Label] button at the bottom of Back-end.

Step 8 – Final step:

Click [Publish to shop] to display your selected Label to all product chosen.

We really hope this guide could help you to soon get familiar with Smart Labels app.